Gas Turbine Links to Projects, Manufacturers and Enthusiasts

Adrian Bennett Jets and Gas Turbines

Justin Woolgar Jets and Gas Turbines

Roger Marmion Astcote Turbine Laboratories

UK Suppliers of engines and parts

Avonaero US supplier of engines, parts and motorsport

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GT Holy Grail The Jetpack

GT Powered Flying Platform

Dustin Brice - US Enthusiast

Capstone Microturbines

Bladon Jets Microturbine Developer

MTT Dutch Microturbine Developer

Model Turbine and JetVolt Manufacturer

PBS CZ Small Gas Turbines and APUs

Price Induction Low Cost Turbofan

Australian Microturbine Supplier

JetReaction Motorcycle Land Speed Record Challenger

Thomas Baumgart Colelctor and Enthusiast from Germany

Jerry Green GT and Steam Enthusiast in the USA

Jon Starr UK Collector and Enthusiast