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Rolls Royce Cars to build their first hybrid model with a Rolls Royce aero engine!

In response to the latest government initiative on electric and hybrid vehicles Rolls Royce cars could be poised to develop a new generation hybrid luxury car with a microturbine range extender. A historic partnership between RR Aero engines and RR cars. The aero engine division will build a micro gas turbine generator for fitment to an all-new electric car. The microturbine range extender unit will be designed and built at the Derby factory, the home of UK gas turbine and aero engine manufacturing. The cars will be built at the Goodwood plant as usual.

At the heart of the new Roller; Code named the “R” engine after the legendary V12 of the 1930s. A micro gas turbine engine driving a high speed electric generator. This quiet and efficient power unit will provide power for long distance cruising and recharging of the battery after urban driving. The turbine will run from diesel or petrol fuel and will give the car a range of up to 500 miles. Rolls Royce Aero-engines will bring over 50 years of expertise to the project, a RR prestige car with a RR Aero built range extender. The car will also feature a 200Kw battery and all-wheel drive from four electric motors.

The new model will be called the Silver Whisper - clearly a reference to the awesome but subdued sound of the turbine engine. Similar turbine hybrids have been promised by Jaguar (The C-X75) and the Techrules (REN). Unlike these cars though, the Roller is a full five seater luxury saloon and not a sports car. The future of large Luxury cars looks exciting, the manufacturers are rising to the future challenges brought on by ever more stringent  green government legislation.

Imposing Hybrid Turbine Luxury Car - The Silver Whisper

Rolls Royce Cars to build their first hybrid model with a Rolls Royce aero engine!