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Pegasus instrumentation and starting system

Rolls Royce Pegasus Starting System

Rolls Royce Pegasus MK104 starting and instrument panel and start sequence control box

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Pegasus starting system project description

A control and instrumentation system for ground running a Rolls Royce Pegasus engine. The Pegasus is started using a small shaft gas turbine engine known as a Gas Turbine Starter (GTS). This small twin-shaft Lucas CR202 engine provides 80 HP to rotate the HP spool of the Pegasus via a direct mechanical connection. The control system sequences the start process by engaging the GTS drive, starting the GTS and bringing the Pegasus HP spool up to speed. When the Pegasus engine is self-sustains the control system automatically disengages and shuts down the GTS.

Instrumentation is provided for the Pegasus engine and the GTS. Two independent cut-out circuits monitor the Pegasus HP spool speed and terminate the GTS run when the prescribed HP rpms is acquired.